Giacomo (1988) is an architect and urban designer, founder of NEW ENVIRONMENTS. He works internationally on urban assignments connecting different disciplines and scales. Climate-positive design and wellbeing act as core pillars for his projects.

Giacomo is committed to education: the driving force for critical thinking and activism. He is design critic and guest lecturer at several higher education institutions, such as the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Academies of Architecture, where he pursues learning through urban practice.

He gained experience at UNStudio, KCAP, and MUST, working on complex international and Dutch urban design assignments involving multiple stakeholders. In Porto he founded the start-up for temporary urban projects CITY.MAKING. His graduation project was distinguished at Archiprix Portugal. He is winner of two Europan 17 competitions, in The Netherlands and Sweden.


Robert (Munich, 1988) is an urban designer, partner at NEW ENVIRONMENTS. He is passionate for innovative urban strategies that employ foresight and scenario techniques to foster a symbiotic relationship among humans and their environment.

Robert was appointed Head of Urban Design at the Fontys Academy of the Arts in Tilburg, where he curates the urban design curriculum with thematic emphases on Degrowth, Urban Environments and Futures. In his role he is responsible for the branding of the urban design track and for expanding the domestic and international network of the school, bridging academia and design practice. He has previous teaching experience at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Academies of Architecture.

Before joining NEW ENVIRONMENTS, Robert was project leader at Karres+Brands, where he led multiple urban transformation projects and master plans from competition to realisation, focusing on the German market. Previously he worked as urban designer at the international firm MLA+ and the Department for Space and Sustainability at the City of Amsterdam.

Architectenregister Nederland: G.Gallo 1.191201.010
Portuguese Order of Architects: 23376

Architectenregister Nederland: R.T. Younger 2.210517.003